St. Peter and St. Paul: “Fidelity and witness to Christ”

//St. Peter and St. Paul: “Fidelity and witness to Christ”

St. Peter and St. Paul: “Fidelity and witness to Christ”

The feast of the Apostles Peter and Paul was celebrated in the Holy Land in various sacred places.

The Holy Land celebrated the solemnity of Saint Peter and Saint Paul. Peter’s encounter with Jesus occurred on the shores of Lake Tiberias. The Gospel of St. John is clear: Jesus looked at Peter: this marked the beginning of a new life, a new story.

Even today, you can visit the ruins of the city of Capernaum, the only place in the world that has the privilege to be called “The city of Jesus.” Long years of archaeological research have led to the discovery of St. Peter’s house, where Jesus was often able to stay and where He manifested Himself.

Since the announcement in Galilee up to the last hours of Jesus in Jerusalem, the Apostle’s life was marked by intense dialogues and strong signs … like his denial of Jesus, which took place on the spot where the church of Gallicantu now stands.

And it is precisely here, that in the afternoon of June 28, the Vespers were recited, with the walls of Jerusalem as a background to this prayer. Religious and local Christians then went in procession to the remains of the Roman road, traveled, according to tradition, by Jesus.

After meditating on the events that took place here, the celebration ended with the blessing of the mosaics that will be placed back inside the church.

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