Conversation with the new Custos of the Holy Land

//Conversation with the new Custos of the Holy Land

Conversation with the new Custos of the Holy Land

Jerusalem, July 2, 2016 – The interview given by Father Francesco Patton to the media of the Custody of the Holy Land

Within weeks of his solemn entry into the Holy Land, the new Franciscan Custos, Father Francesco Patton gave an interview to the media of the Custody.

Many topics were discussed, from his first impressions upon his arrival in Jerusalem to the preparation of the Custody Chapter that started on Tuesday, July 5. From the delicate situation in Syria to the meaning and motivation of the permanence of the friars in this land, ravaged by war.

The Custos then told the cameras about the purpose and value of the media these days: “When we are told the good news, then we realize that we can have hope.”

Father Patton then spoke of the appointment of his predecessor Pierbattista Pizzaballa as the Apostolic Administrator of the Latin Patriarchate of Jerusalem, only to conclude with a request: “We ask all those who fondly follow the Holy Land, to pray for the friars who will be gathered in Chapter.”

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