The charity network promoted by the Saint Vincent de Paul Society of Jerusalem

//The charity network promoted by the Saint Vincent de Paul Society of Jerusalem

The charity network promoted by the Saint Vincent de Paul Society of Jerusalem

Created in 1851 in the Holy City, the Society operates in various fields, offering help to those most in need.

A charism based on mission and charity. The Society of St Vincent de Paul, whose founder is Blessed Frederick Ozanan, was started in France in 1833 and is inspired by the life of the French saint. In 2017 the members of the Society celebrated the 400th anniversary of the charism, starting from when San Vincent de Paul awakened his attention towards the poor.

An international movement which today is present in about 150 countries, including the Holy Land, where an organization of lay people was created with the aim of strengthening the Christian presence and promoting social justice.

Vice-President of the Saint Vincent de Paul Society – Jerusalem
“The Society was founded in Jerusalem over 155 years ago. It began its activities in a small hospital near the Holy Sepulchre and since then aims to help people in need, such as those who lived in difficult circumstances during the two world wars, as well as after 1948 and 1967, up to the present day “.

In the Holy City, the institution works through social, educational and financial support programmes to alleviate the suffering of those who are severely challenged by difficult political and economic situations. Among the main activities are the help to children and teenagers with their studies at school and at university; support for hospitals, the sick, orphans, the elderly, as well as material and spiritual assistance to Christian families who have lost their loved ones. Over the past five years more than a thousand people have been looked after.

Vice-President of the Society of St Vincent de Paul – Jerusalem
“We have other small programmes, such as helping families and reinforcing the role of women in the home, for example by paying nursery fees to allow mothers to go to work and support their husbands, or in any case ensure that they can learn a craft. We are volunteers and we pay special attention to the Christian presence in the Old City of Jerusalem, especially given the continuous decline in the number of Christians “.

The Vincentian conference in Jerusalem also offers support for other conferences in the Palestinian territories. Another project is underway in the Gaza Strip: currently more than 60 Christian families live there in difficult conditions and receive contributions to meet their needs.

A voluntary action and the dedication of a team which everyone is very proud of. The emblem of the Society on its flag, is a fish, the symbol of Jesus Christ, inside a circle, representing the world and all those who must be reached by charity.

“I have been volunteering here for 17 years and we feel very good when we have the opportunity to help those who really need it. This work makes us happy and gives us a great incentive, especially when we make someone smile. And the most important thing in our work is to feel what people actually live; sometimes I cry as I listen to certain stories”.

A message of solidarity inspired by the famous phrase of Ozanam: “I want the whole world to be a network of charity”.

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