Marian devotions in the Holy Land

//Marian devotions in the Holy Land

Marian devotions in the Holy Land

Under different names and events celebrated in different occasions, the Marian devotions express the faith of the local Christians in the Mother of God.

In the Holy Land, the Marian devotion is intense and takes different names: Our Lady Queen of Palestine, Our Lady of Mount Carmel, Mary of Nazareth or Our Lady Woman of Valor. These names for the Mother of God are either of biblical origin or belong to the folk tradition.
The names by which we turn to the Mother of Jesus recall episodes of the Gospel or the intervention of Mary in key historical moments.

Father Frederic Manns, Doctor of Sacred Scripture at the Studium Biblicum Franciscanum, has written several books on this topic: he explained how the life of the Mother of Jesus can be understood through three sources: the Old Testament, the apocryphal Judeo-Christian Gospels and the Jewish world.

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