Christmas Eve in Bethlehem

//Christmas Eve in Bethlehem

Christmas Eve in Bethlehem

Preparations for the celebration of Christmas are underway. Bethlehem welcomes pilgrims, tourists and locals to celebrate the birth of Jesus.

Behold the star. Behold the star above. It is the star of Bethlehem.
Today the world is in the heart of Palestine.
The entire World awaits, somewhat distractedly: some are barely aware of this holiday, others are very involved in Christmas, the feast that began two thousand years ago among these streets, where, without anyone’s permission, Jesus was born.

***People saying where they are from***

There are many reasons for the presence of so many people here.
Each person sees the star differently. Each person receives a different message from the star : this message could be a common project, or a pilgrimage; it could be a message for our family or it simply translates into the traditional Christmas tree or street festival.
Indeed, this small country continues to attract people of all nationalities and religions over the years, just like a magnet.

Some traditions are repeated every year, like the parades of various scout groups that animate the Holy Land, the entry of the Latin Patriarch into the city and his walk to the Basilica of Santa Caterina, the recitation of Vespers with the mayor and the authorities.
However, everyone’s heart is still awaiting for good news: our heart always hopes for something surprising and amazing that can rekindle the expectation and the desire to celebrate.
We discover that, after all, life is worth living and there is a plan of happiness in store for each one of us: happiness that could be found on unpredictable or sometimes, winding paths.




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