“Chef 2B”: Children and teenagers learn to cook during the holidays

//“Chef 2B”: Children and teenagers learn to cook during the holidays

“Chef 2B”: Children and teenagers learn to cook during the holidays

During the summer the Notre Dame Pontifical Institute of Jerusalem promotes the summer cookery camp for children. A different and fun way to spend this period.

The holidays are here and can be a moment of rest, fun and even discovery. Why not cookery? The catering college of the Pontifical Institute Notre Dame in Jerusalem promotes a children’s cookery course every summer during the holyday. They decide the menu of the day themselves and explore traditional cuisine of different countries.

12 years old
“There are different types of foods, like Mexican and Italian cuisine, among others.”

11 years old
“I am learning to cook and do many new things. Today we made waffles, crêpes, omelettes and other things. First we made burgers, lasagne and pasta. It’s really very nice to be here. I love this place! ”

Attentive looks and absolute silence during the chef’s explanations in an industrial kitchen, with professional tools. They are preparing a tasty dish and not forgetting a uniform (which features apron and hat), in addition to the correct procedure for using tools and ingredients.

The summer camp is aimed at children and young adults between 8 and 17 years of age. In forty hours for almost two weeks they learn the art of gastronomy as well as some tips for healthy eating.

“They do not just learn to cook, but the hygienic use of tools, food safety, food history and different terms in English and Arabic”.

Every year children of Christian and Muslim families participate in this activity. In addition to spending their holidays in a different and fun way, the young chefs are encouraged to cook at home, with great satisfaction of the families!

11 years old
“I’m learning how to prepare omelettes, waffles … yesterday we made sandwiches! When my parents want something I’ve cooked here, I’ll get it ready .I also make pizza at home “.

9 years old
“I like cooking because it’s fun and when my mother is tired, I can do it for her”.

10 years old
“I’m participating in Kids Chef, then I tell my mother everything we do. We are organizing a trip to Jericho in a few days to prepare a dinner for the family “.

“Mothers are very happy because they have fun for four hours. They stay here from nine till one for ten days. And when they come back home, they cook there too. Families are really satisfied “.

In addition to the art of cooking, they employ the “ingredients” of discipline and responsibility. And of course, the opportunity to integrate and find new friends!


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