Lenten pilgrimage to the Flagellation

//Lenten pilgrimage to the Flagellation

Lenten pilgrimage to the Flagellation

During the Lenten pilgrimage, another significant moment: the Franciscan community, religious and local Christians celebrated the Eucharist in the Monastery of the Flagellation.

The Chapel of the Monastery of the Flagellation has become small because of the large number of people. And the outdoor patio had to be used as an extension of the interior space.

Dozens of monks, religious and faithful from Jerusalem gathered for the stational Mass, whose name comes from being celebrated in shrines that recall the Passion of the Lord.

During the celebration the traditional prayer of vespers was also recited.

In his homily, Fr. Frederic Manns, from the Studium Biblicum Franciscanum, said that nowadays the sins of mankind are scourging Jesus. And he spoke of the sufferings of Christ as the expression of God.

The mercy of God is manifested in a special way in the cross and in the resurrection of Jesus.”

The convent dedicated to the memory of the scourging recalls painful moments of Jesus’ life, when he was humiliated, scourged with instruments of torture and sentenced to death by the people who preferred the release of Barabbas.

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