Haifa: beauty and stories of faith in northern Israel

//Haifa: beauty and stories of faith in northern Israel

Haifa: beauty and stories of faith in northern Israel

Washed by the Mediterranean Sea, the city of Haifa encloses natural beauty and a strong presence of the Marian spirituality, as well as the stories of the prophet Elijah.

The beauty of this place is as intense as the colors of nature. Located to the north of Israel, the port city of Haifa offers an enchanting scenery.

Haifa, built on Mount Carmel, located between the coast of the Mediterranean Sea and the Valley of Jezreel. In several passages of the Bible, the mountain and its surroundings are cited for their beauty and fertility.

The coast is one of the most popular places for entertainment, for young and old. The favorable climatic conditions make it an ideal place for water sports.

Third largest city in Israel, Haifa plays an important role in the country, with technology parks, renowned scientific institutions and the largest seaport.

But the city, famous for its scenery and scientific centers of high technology, is also known for the stories of faith that took place here.
Starting from the Old Testament, we, in fact, find stories of God’s intervention in these areas.

As recounted in the book of Kings, the prophet Elijah threw a challenge to the prophets of Baal on Mount Carmel: before two calves on two pyres, the one that would respond to the invocations of the prophets, lighting the fire under one of the two animals, would be recognized as the true God.

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