France and Palestine: a culinary week together

//France and Palestine: a culinary week together

France and Palestine: a culinary week together

From February 16 to 19, the French Gastronomy Week is held in Palestine. In Hebron: workshops and meetings to share cooking experiences, gastronomy and culinary arts.

To the south of Jerusalem, on the way to Beersheba, nestled in the hills, lies Hebron. Here, the fondest memories of the Jewish, Muslim and Christian people are preserved.
Some of the events included in the French Gastronomy Week in Palestine organized by the Consulate General of France and the French Institute of Jerusalem were held at Hebron.

Now in its third edition, the great festival of French gastronomy has two objectives: to bring the transalpine cuisine and its customs in this area, but at the same time share the Palestinian cuisine with the French professional chefs.

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