Christians unite in prayer for peace in the Middle East

//Christians unite in prayer for peace in the Middle East

Christians unite in prayer for peace in the Middle East

Christians and religious communities of the region gather in Nazareth to pray, asking God for peace for the Middle East.

In a context of conflicts and walls that separate peoples, Christians of the Holy Land joined forces and take up a non violent weapon: prayer.

Sisters of St. Joseph of the Apparition
“Our purpose is to pray for peace, because we need peace, and people are suffering greatly.”

In the face of the recent tensions so widespread in the Middle East, the Catholic communities and local Christians gathered in the headquarters of the Chemin Neuf Community in Nazareth for prayer.

Chemin Neuf Community
“This initiative stems from our being confident that this conflict will be resolved with prayer. We must become aware, in prayer and trust, that the Lord is present in this painful experience. We had a history of suffering, but we must trust the power of His resurrection, which is active and present here.”

After the prayer service, the attendees watched a documentary on the fall of the Wall that divided Germany between the 60s and the year 1989. They also watched the demonstration of faith that took place during this difficult time. Christian Catholics and protestants embraced the so-called “peaceful revolution”, non-violent demonstration that led to the fall of the Berlin Wall.

“The German people met again after 28 years of separation.”

“Realizing that the wall fell not with violence, but with the power of prayer is a positive certainty …And if this miracle could be possible in Germany, it can also happen in the Holy Land. ”

Later, a debate on one of the hottest topics in the world: ‘Peace in the Middle East’ was launched.

“There is no need to tell everyone to make peace. I believe each one of us should begin doing the simple things that lead to love.”

“Jesus asked us to be one, to accept and love others. When love and mercy will be joined, the two sides will be able to break down the wall and be two nations living together in one place. ”

Although it may seem just a small initiative before the complexity of the situations, these people continue to believe in the mission to which they have been called.

Chemin Neuf Community – Nazareth
“Christians and consecrated people are really called to have hope, to be men and women of hope. This does not mean that they have to live in fantasy, or deny their problems; this means that we must trust that with the Lord we will have victory: He triumphs.”

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