What is JPIC?

“The friars, as followers of St. Francis, are bound to lead a radically evangelical life, namely: to live in a spirit of prayer and devotion and in fraternal fellowship; they are to offer a witness of penance and minority; and, in charity towards all mankind, they are to announce the Gospel throughout the whole world and to preach reconciliation, peace and justice by their deeds; and to show respect for creation.”
(General Constitutions of the Order of Friars Minor, article 1.2)

St. Francis of Assisi perceived God’s creation as a whole, with each of its parts interrelated, interdependent and filled with the divine. Mutual respect, justice and peace were its natural hallmarks.

The Canticle of Creation, written by Francis not long before his death, provides the foundation for his followers. For Francis, the constant awareness of the love of God for all life gives rise to living out that reality in one’s own sphere. This spirituality guides Franciscans today where people are inspired to take action to restore justice, peace and the integrity of creation in our world.

Justice, Peace and the Integrity of Creation (JPIC) is an essential element and dimension of the Franciscan charism. The Minister General of the Order said that “the commitment to JPIC is part of our DNA, of our spirituality and is one of the characteristic elements of our charism”.  (Report to the 2009 General Chapter)

Franciscans work to improve our world by combating those systems and structures which are unjust and violent. We join together with those who can help minimise their impact. We undertake this work in collaboration with Franciscans and others, in Australia and around the world, who labour to create a society of justice and peace. We believe that such solidarity can transform our world.

Mrs Sarah Menassa-Rose is the Holy Spirit Province’s Animator for Justice, Peace and the Integrity of Creation. Working with a committee of friars and lay people, it is the task of the animator to assist the friars in their understanding of JPIC as a spirituality – making them aware of the reality of the world and informing them of the issues of justice, peace and the integrity of creation. By doing this, friars are reminded that evangelisation, mission and formation without a JPIC perspective cannot be authentic.

In the Province of the Holy Spirit, animation is carried out by working with the formation teams, in providing ongoing formation opportunities and sending regular Updates on JPIC matters to each community. Friars are encouraged to discuss JPIC matters in their communities and with the Committee.

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